Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Hmm :)

In my stay at Australia so far, I've never been more homesick in my life. The thought of good food, family, my own room (I still fall off the single bed once in awhile), to not have so many worries...*Sigh*

I had this thought, it was so random even I laughed at myself, to go home for 5 days. Hahaha. If only I were a rich spoilt brat, then I could have gone home for 5 days. *Sigh* It would have been nice. Then there was this loud voice in my head saying "Wake up and smell the coffee!"

Besides, I have exams in November. I am sooo going back home on 17th November :) I finish exams on the 15th. Then I have to pack (yeah, although I'm staying here again next year, I still have to pack and store stuff in garage (ugh) or WY's room...I asked him and he agreed (yep, I do have some nice friends.)...then I can go home ;)

Things to do before Nov 17th:

1. Finish team project (about 40% of coding left, I know nuts, I'm trying to help WY out, I want to contribute to this project)
2. Finish Report 4 (due on oct24th...argh)
3. Finish Design Challenge (i really know nuts as well..)
4. Study for final exams (quarter way done, a lot more effort required)
5. Finish final exams (WHEEEE)
6. Pack.
7. Leave for Home!!!!


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