Saturday, October 01, 2005

Wishful Thinking

You know how sometimes, when you know you're going to have a bit of free time, and you mentally list all the possible things you want to do..only to find out when the time comes that something else just "popped" up and you have to get that done and shelve your earlier plans? That's pretty much what happened with my holidays. I write in past tense because it's Saturday today. Monday, I'm back at uni, slaving away.

Ah, forget negativity. I'll be positive. Now what did I do? On Monday, I posted yet another application for an internship. Really, I'm not getting any replies and it's irritating me. Oh wait, I said "positive" right? Okay, so I'm not getting any replies and I'm not worrying. Hahahaha. I'm such a contradiction, even I laugh at myself. Otherwise, I studied a bit. Actually, more than I have ever studied this whole semester. Hahaha, really. I seem to have found some motivation from some small storage box packed away in some far corner in my mind. Yeah ;) That's more like it huh.

But considering what a whiner I am, some of you might be thinking, "About time! Stop whining and start working." Exactly my sentiments.

Then on Tuesday, I had a project meeting. Lasted about five hours. I like my team mates generally. Wayyyy better than last semester. Otherwise, I studied a bit as well.

On Wednesday, I had another team meeting. I had Japanese food for lunch - Grilled Teriyaki Chicken with Rice. Yep yep, yummy stuff. I saw this gorgeous slice of chocolate cake at a cafe's glass display - but I resisted. Hah.

On Thursdsay, I went to a nearby mall because I felt like drinking bubble tea. I drank bubble tea, but guess what else I found? Creme Caramel do-it-yourself boxes! I grabbed two, came home, and made 'em. Yum, they were so good. I did share with my senior resident and this other friend. The two of them are always full of compliments for my cooking. Hehehe, now you know why I shared ;) It's just nice to know your efforts are someone's tummy.

On Friday, I had a project meeting. Another five hours. I splurged on a large latte at this new cafe near my uni. It's such a coincidence, they built a cafe exactly next door to the building where I'm always having meetings + study discussions, etc. It's like a dream come true, but it's a curse because I end up spending unnecessarily. I have these cravings, you know, for cheesecake, caramel custard, strong coffee with only one teaspoon of sugar, cream cheese filled bagels, chocolate cake (still haven't fulfilled this one!)...I can't help it :) I guess it's just that I am a food person...and a hopeless sweet-tooth.

On Saturday, which is today, I went to another mall....had to walk quite far to locate an electronics store. Spent about 2.5 hours there, out of that, about an hour was spent walking under the hot sun because I had to locate this store which was located like..really really far away from the mall. Suffice to say, I was dead tired when I came back. But, the health-freak-you-sooooo-have-to-lose-weight side of me said "go running!" so I contacted my running partner, Miss M and we went.

I came back, then I had dinner, cleaned my room, chatted with some friends...studied a bit. Taking a break now..then I'm gonna get more work done. Let's hope I am productive from now on. I have exactly 1.5 months, then I'm going home. Mom said I could so some shopping back home ;) Ahh, the sweet smell of new clothing. *Dreamy look* I like the smell of new jeans and money. Hehehe. Some combination :)


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