Friday, June 19, 2009

Just Usual Days

I haven't done anything special lately. I attended a beautiful wedding last weekend in a small town in UK. Unfortunately I can't tell anybody at work that I actually attended this wedding because the couple is worried that people might get offended. Only 5 people were invited to the wedding as the couple is British, hence the wedding was in UK. Altogether they only had 80+ guests. I felt so privileged to be invited.

A European wedding is so different from a Malaysian wedding. Mainly in terms of the number of people. For my elder sister's wedding in January 2007, my parents invited almost 1000 people. This was my family's guests and my brother-in-law's family's guests. The reception was half of the people at the wedding - approximately 500 people. So you can imagine my surprise at attending a wedding with 80 odd people. It was so different. You could actually mingle with guests and remember who was who. It was a lot of fun.

They had a classic English wedding - the kind you see in the movies, but it was so natural and not forced. Like you could tell they enjoyed going through the procedure and did not feel it was a burden. The wedding was in a huge mansion, known as Fanham's Hall. It is now a convention centre-type of place, but previously it was a mansion. Imagine how rich the owners must have been, to live in such a huge house. I kept joking with my friends that it must be haunted ;)

Phew, after traveling to UK twice within the span of 3 months, and attending another wedding in Germany in May, I need a break. I need to sit home and read/clean or just go to the gym. The bottom line is I need to start lining my pocket again with savings. It's amazing how many expenses there are some times.

*Tries to be optimistic about saving*


At 6/28/2009 02:09:00 AM , Blogger Bubbles said...

I love English weddings! Sweet, romantic and fun. Chinese ones are just too fast, loud and impersonal. And in Asia, weddings are often for the parents and not the couple.


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