Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Keep On Movin'

Well, its Tuesday today. I just came back from the city. There were some nice pjs on offer at Target so I dropped by to get a pair for myself and my younger sister. Then, I grabbed a muffin and came back. I hadn't eaten anything at all since last night.

Yum. Just gobbled up a double-chocolate muffin and am sipping chilled apple juice. *Contented sigh* My kind of day. I have a class at 2-4. Otherwise I'm free. I'm gonna do some component ordering and ticket booking today, most probably. Then I'm going to clean my room (yeah, I keep cleaning and it keeps getting messed up again...I wonder how?) and put away some stuff. I have to pack a little by little every week. Although I'm still staying in this room next year, I still have to vacate. Office rules. Not much I can do about it, I guess. Just a lot of hassle.

I just called home. My Dad is wiping his cell phone. Hahaha, my Dad, the person who never liked the idea of having a cell phone. Years ago, when he first got Mom a cell phone, everyone was asking him, "Why don't you get yourself one too?" And he said "Nah, I don't even need one. Nobody calls me." Hehehe, the reason he got Mom one was actually because one night, she was stranded in this traffic jam and she couldn't contact him and tell him. I think he waited where she was supposed to fetch him for like a few hours. So, that same night, they made the decision, "We are getting a cell phone." I guess it was so that my Mom (The Housewife On The Go) can be contacted easily. Then, my elder sister worked and bought herself one so she could be contacted at college. Then, I started college, and after much "persuasion" (my elder sister won't agree, she'll call it "tantrums"), I got mine. My parents paid half, I paid half. It's our typical agreement in order to make the object "seem" cheaper. Then, my younger sister, at the age of sixteen, got hers. Yeah, she gets everything earlier than anyone else. I can't deny she's a bit pampered :) ... Very smart though. Myself, WY and Jon are all three middle children who agree that our younger siblings always manage to get what they want.

Anyway, then my Dad retired. We gave him my phone and my line because I'm here. I think he realised that he needed one eventually. So, when he got his new job (Cool huh. A lot of people are still in awe that he managed to secure a good job at the age of 55. I'm very proud of him!), he bought himself a phone. One of those funky, camera-included ones. That's how my Dad got a cell phone. I think he likes it. It's kind of amusing though, imagining my Dad using a cell phone when he never liked one. I guess technology does that to you...you don't like it, but then later you realise how much it "simplifies" your life.

It's my elder sister's birthday today. She turns 24. Well, if you're reading this, "Happy Birthday!". I still remember, we threw her this big birthday bash when she turned 21 and she was dancing so much, she fell. It was quite funny. Earlier this year, my cousin brother said something about a hairstyle suiting her (they were watching this Indian movie in the cinema) and she took a screen capture of it and got her hair done exactly that style. I didn't see it, but my Mom said it looked good. Rumour has it that Miss Fashionable has curled her hair now - not the whole head, mind you - just the ends. That's my elder sister - always in-sync with the latest trends.


At 10/04/2005 04:44:00 PM , Anonymous Noor said...

memories of the family...

you sound too close to them, that's nice, really nice

speakin of cell phones, those are the devil tools, I got a Sony Ericsson K750i, not sure if it was released where you live, but it's a kick ass sueper cool mega extra great phone (bah, I sound like a sales man already :/), I can't live without it now! seriously!?! :S

keep it up girl, you're doing just fine! :)

At 10/04/2005 07:37:00 PM , Blogger Fieran said...

Aww, thanks Noor :) I hope you're doing fine too. Ramadhan's coming up? When? You fast, no?


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