Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Well, I leave Australia in less than 3 days. It's very scary to be honest. I'm such a different person now, compared to who I was 2 years ago. Living on your own and having to make all your own decisions from what to eat to where to live .. and having to depend solely on yourself (except for the $$ factor) does have a way of changing how you think.

It's disappointing how people around you don't normally accept the fact that you have changed. They will constantly expect you to be the same person and fit comfortably back into your old mould. Why do some people think of change as negative? What is so wrong about change? I mean, isn't life centered around change? People are constantly evolving - from the moment they are born till the moment they are returned to the ground, right? So why do people resent change? What's wrong if a person wants things in his or her life which he or she previously did not want? So, what?

I realised I don't have that many pictures of myself in Australia. Funny how it doesn't really matter because I don't have to show people what I saw here. As long as I enjoyed myself and learnt a lot of things - and of course, graduated (still hasn't really sunk in)'s fine.

I know, my post is a little bit defensive. It's just difficult to have to explain to people all the time - nobody wants to let you be. Everybody wants to tell you what to do. Some people just dont believe that you know how to pack up your room - that you're an adult, almost 23 years old and you know how to put all your stuff away and board a flight. After all, isn't that what you did for the past 2 years? There's no such thing as space in my life. None at all.

I'm dreading going home...I've begun to really like my space. I do what I like, when I like - without having to explain anything to anybody. I won't get that back home. My tendency to be in my room, read and daydream is not something my family approves of. But then again, they never really approve of much when it comes to me...


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