Saturday, December 09, 2006


I have secured one job's a part time one though because the company is not really in a position to hire me full time. What can I say? My services are pricey - okay maybe that did not come out too well. Hehehe. But yeah, it's part time for the time being...but I am allowed to work at another company. I'd love to go into the details but as usual - my blog is the least secure place to discuss personal things because you never know who reads it. I still am the first 'hit' you get when you search "Fieran" in Google. It's a bit scary to be honest.

So yeah, still looking for 1 more job - to make ends meet. Wish me luck. Hey, if I remain in Australia - you guys have a place to crash at when you're here. Come on, that's useful right? Okay maybe I might send gifts to a few of you too ;) Now, now this isn't's.....a tip ;) Hahahaha. Wish me luck! I'll be nice to you when I am rich and established. Promise. I might even be a silent partner in your businesses - come see me in 10-15 years' time. I'll be very eager to invest in a cafe or a bookstore - only rule is I get some free merchandise and a percentage of the profit ;) I don't think that is too much to ask for...but then again I always think my demands are little.


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