Sunday, November 26, 2006

No More Running Around Trees..

Whoever said Indian movies were all about running around trees has to eat his/her words. Seriously, lately a lot of Indian movies I've been watching have broken the mould of what people consider "Indian movies". Gone were the days where directors switches off the lights to indicate that some romance is taking place and of course - the famous running around trees scenes. These days, Indian movies are just as bold and outspoken as a lot of English movies.

I watched Dhoom 2 yesterday and realised this. The movie is your typical police-and-thief chase but its twisted in a very different manner - the police isn't that stupid, but then again, neither is the thief. The movie has been shot in places like Namibia, Rio and India. I would speak more about the movie except for I do not want to reveal spoilers. I'd rather you guys catch it (most of the screenings in the cinema have subtitles...mine had English subtitles, I don't know Hindi well).

So yeah, go watch it!


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