Tuesday, November 14, 2006

There's a cafe in West End...about 1 bus and a 15 minute walk away from where I live. It's known as The Three Monkeys. My good friend Nerida and I were there on Sunday evening for fun. It's part of my plan to spend time with my friends before I leave. I've had a lot of fun. Today we had Indian food at a restaurant nearby. But these pics are from Sunday night :)

This is the chai at Three Monkeys. It's served in a bowl. I was supposed to get this then I opted for coffee instead. Did kick myself over it though, because the chai looked sooo good when they served it. I think I have to go back there just to get the chai. :)

This is my chocolate cake. They call it "Exotic". Hehehe. It was soo tasty. I haven't had cake for awhile :(

I finished another exam today. It didn't go well as planned. It was one of those open book exams where you don't have time to open the book. Argh, if only I had more time to study...if only my thesis didn't take up so much time...all the if-onlies come crashing down on me :|

This is me...next to an orb. It's really cool..one of the new things in the city. There was blue one too, but there was construction stuff near it. I shall take a picture of myself next to the blue orb next time :)


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