Sunday, October 01, 2006

Potatoes and Paratha

Well, I kind of cooked today - my mom's potato dish. Surprisingly it tasted familiar so I don't think I really messed it up.

Apart from that nothing much is up. I'm a bit disappointed that I spent my mid semester break (the past week) on nothing but work. Granted I did watch some episodes, it's still tiring to constantly work like this. I can't wait to finish my thesis and make it work. I also have to build a fibreglass body for the mouse. *sigh* I'm tired, so tired.

My sister was telling me to go shopping for Deepavali and get some new clothes. It's tradition to wear new clothes. But, I don't feel like it. I just want to keep working. Deepavali is on October 21st, if I'm not mistaken. Hey, that's a Saturday - just means I'll be in the lab working on my thesis. Why do I need new clothes for that? *Sigh* Irritating thesis.

I killed an accelerometer on Friday, I'm irritated with myself. I mean, I have a spare which I am using now, but I still am irritated. I should have known it's so sensitive. Damn, all my fault. USD 35 down the drain :|


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