Sunday, September 24, 2006

Some Pictures.

I know I promised pictures a long time ago but the pictures I take don't flatter me...I mean I don't look very nice. LOL.

This is myself and a friend of my friend's...(Nerida, my former floormate's classmate, Michelle). We were at the formal dinner last night.

This is myself, my friend Manelle and the new people we met at David's 21st. From left: Manelle, Me, Stuart, Robert, and Cesar (the guy with lots of embarassing stories).

Lastly, this is my friend David. I met him on IRC when he was 14 (and I was 15). Then as we used to chat (more like just sit online and trade insults, then laugh it off), we realised that we will eventually meet at uni because he was in Year 1 and I was in Year 2 (in Malaysia). So when I came to Aust in Year 3, we met up. Now two of my free electives are his core courses. It's quite nice to have different type of friends. I bully David a lot :) Like if I want to find out stuff about TV episodes or something, I'll bug him instead of looking it up myself. He's pretty reliable, I must say. Like if you ask him something uni-related, he'll find out and get back to you asap. He has a very sarcastic sense of humour. LIke he'll tell me "you're no fun" when I tell him I'm working on stuff. Oh and I remember when I told him "Tough chicks like me don't fall for guys." He replied, "Look at me, I'm tough as nails, I fell for my girlfriend." Hahaha, he is so not tough as nails. He also listens to really loud music - like death metal? Opeth and Iron Maiden and all that, stuff I will not even look at because my taste in music is more subdued? I remember once I lent him my external hard drive to put some episodes in it and he returned it back with a whole Opeth album in it. Hahaha, I only could endure 1 track, the rest were scary :) He's so intelligent he actually got a job before he even graduates...though he won't admit he's intelligent. He's pretty laidback. So yeah, that's David. Happy 21st, you brat! :)


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