Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I've Got Mail!

Yep yep, parents + sisters (= family, okay :)) sent me a package full of Indian movies. I watched one I've watched was good. I was laughing pretty loudly and my housemates were a bit weirded out because I'm usually quiet :) You know, got to pull off the intelligent-but-reserved-yet-classy-chick image. (Okay some of you can stop choking now..)

Oh I had Thai takeaway for dinner yesterday. According to my housemate, Sham, the delivery boy was hot. Nope I didn't get to see him..makes sense why she was in a hurry to pick up the food alone.

Oh, its M's (one of my former classmate) 21st birthday this Saturday. I don't even know what gift to get him. It's easier to buy gifts for girls..I feel. With guys you know they won't like it either way, so why bother trying?

I have a mid semester exam for Microeconomics this Friday at 8am. Yeah, splendid timing. I still have a bit of revising to do. Not particularly worried about it, but I'm so not a Business-person, so I have to force myself to think in that direction. I look at supply and demand graphs and think "yeah, doesn't really play a role in my line.." You know? It's very interesting, but its not something I could do for a job.

So, why did I take Microeconomics? Like most snobby science people, I wanted to boost my GPA. There, I've confessed. Hehehe, but its not that easy...


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