Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tired & Drained

It's October 24th today. My thesis is supposed to be due tomorrow, but I kind of got an extension. Don't ask how, it's depressing enough to know that I actually need an extension. A lot of "eye-opening" incidents have occurred the past two weeks. It is very frustrating when you expect something to happen and it happens - then you realise that the particular event brings along another set of outcomes you never considered...

I'd like to write more about it - but when I check my BlogFlux mapstats thingie...I notice a lot of people from different places read my blog. It's not a very good idea to rant about some things this way...I wish my blog was anonymous like it used to be years ago.

I'm just hanging in there, trying to get as much of my thesis done. I'm quite sure a major portion of it will work - that guarantees me a pass at least. Hahaha. More than that, I'm not sure.

Oh well, I'll blog more after I make some major accomplishment. Accelerometer is driving me insane for the time being...and so is USB...and so is the Keypad. *sigh* Why did I choose engineering? I can't remember now...


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