Monday, November 27, 2006

....of Time and Being Free

It feels strange when you don't have to worry about time. I write this post at 4.13am, wide awake because I took an unnecessary nap between 3 something in the afternoon to 7 something at night. I know, how terrible of me? Hahaha :) It's just that I've never been one for naps as I always thought taking afternoon (or the Aussies call it) naps will make me sleepy and sluggish at that particular time each day. I develop habits very easily - I'm a routine freak. So, I stayed away from afternoon naps.

However, today, as I was reading I just fell asleep. I seem to be switching books often. It's not that the books I am reading are boring, its just that I pick one up, read a few pages and then jump to another book. I think I'm tired of concentrating after spending the past few months working constantly. I'm still feeling very tired. My hands hurt for no reason. My head hurts for no reason. Its weird. Maybe its some kind of delayed reaction to the difficult semester I recently endured.

My exam results should be out on the 29th of November. I don't know how I fared to be honest because a lot of it was not what I expected. We'll see.

And now for the cryptic message..

I have some details I'd love to share but I think now is not the time. Give me 5-6 days :)


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