Saturday, April 29, 2006

Lazy Weekend

I haven't done much yesterday or today. I'm not feeling guilty - weird, huh. I guess I realise I've been working too hard. I can't help it sometimes, when you can almost "feel" the deadlines creeping up on you. That's when panic sets in...but since I force myself not to panic anymore - the other option is to just work until you see the work pile decrease.

I left a not-so-logical post yesterday. I was feeling a bit irritated. I mean, yeah I scored 89% for my thesis progress report but my supervisor had loads of comments. A lot of it was quite disappointing because he claimed that I didn't twist a lot of the information to show that it's mine. It was still mostly claiming that the information belongs to someeone else. Gee, as weird as that sounds, and I know I understand it - it's still irritating. I guess I'm just more used to people raving over my writing. Hahahaha, okay now I'm not being arrogant, but most of my online friends like what I write (partly because they don't understand it - it's too technical so they just say 'yeah, yeah we like it'...hehehe).

Oh well, stuff happens. It was my niece's 2nd birthday yesterday. She's adorable. I don't know how else to describe that little devil. Hehehe, she's soo mischevious. When my family went to see her and they were leaving, she carried her car (she has a car which she drives like the Flintstones do? With her legs?) and said "baby take car go tata house"..hahaha (tata in Tamil means grandfather; she calls my dad that). When she's shot with a toy gun, she pretends to be dead. When you disturb her she says, "baby wan die"..hehehe...I know that sounds morbid from one angle, but from another angle I find it cute. Hehehe. She's just so funny. She asked her paternal grandfather, "Papa, apa ini?" and he burst out laughing. I think he didn't think she could speak Malay.

I know my life seems boring. Someone said, "all you write about is your work, assignments, etc." I know. At the rate that I'm bailing out of movie dates with my friends and lunch dates, it's a wonder I still have friends. I really should do something besides work. I'm planning on watching a Hindi movie that should open soon, titled "Fanaa". I heard it's supposed to be a good movie - a love story revolving around a blind girl and a terrorist tour guide. I think it's opening next week. Indian movies are expensive, so it's good that I haven't watched any movies at the cinema since I came here this year - I can splurge on one movie :)

See, no sky pictures this time. That doesn't mean I took none. Hahahaha. I just find it therapeutic. Hmm, what else. I cooked black pepper lamb yesterday - was quite good actually. Then I cooked honey chicken the night before with this sauce Mom bought for me while I was at Malaysia.

There are quite a few things I'd like to do this semester. I'd really like to go to Gold Coast again - have a good look once and for all. Hahaha, since I doubt I'll be working here, I have to see a lot of things before I leave.

I've kind of booked my ticket back for the July break. My elder sister is getting engaged and I have to go back to attend the event. Hehehe, its a good excuse to go home and be lazy because it's NOT possible for me to get a job for a month. PHEW. Thank goodness actually. I'm so glad I don't have to work this time because I overworked myself the last holidays and felt like crap most of the time - trying to please everyone. Well, the catch with this flight ticket is that it's from Sydney to I have to get connecting flights from Brisbane --> Sydney and back. Yeah, it's more work, but I save a bit - about 100+ dollars or so. I'd like to visit Sydney again actually, but I don't think I have the time and unlike Melbourne, I don't have relatives in Sydney. Won't be fun too visit it alone.

Anyway, I have to work on my Marketing assignment - it's a product analysis on Oreo. I actually bought a packet of Oreo to get into the mood. Hahaha. I know that sounds really pathethic, but I can't help it :)


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