Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I haven't blogged much because I'm trying not to wallow on a few things. I'll be cryptic and say that I am not really having things "my way" right now and I don't think there is much that I can do about it other than wait and see what sort of cards time deals me.

I've been taking some photographs of the sky again :) Yes, the obsession is back. I've also been studying - have exams on 17th, 20th and 23rd of June. My Dad actually sent me my sister's Engagement invitation card. It's quite amusing how he has "officially" invited me. Hehehe, I was laughing when I looked at it.

I bought the not-so-new Robin Hobb novel at like more than half the price at a nearby shopping centre. It's titled "Shaman's Crossing". I plan to read it on the flight - more like in the air port since I will be spending quite a bit of time "in-transit". I'm hoping to save enough of my allowance to pick up a not-quite-funky-and-slightly-formal-looking watch at the duty free while travelling back to Malaysia.

Hopefully I get that done, otherwise I have to wait till I actually earn some money to get a new watch. Somehow the older you grow, the more difficult it becomes to ask your parents for money to buy yourself things. Makes me feel pathetic.


At 6/23/2006 12:57:00 PM , Anonymous selene said...

no update :(


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