Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Back...Till Something Attractive Comes Along

Well, I am back for the moment. I won't say "Back for good" because in event I do get a job far from home I plan to take it. It's difficult to describe exactly how I feel - after living far away from home for 2 years. It's like I am two people - the independent, almost fearless person (surprised myself many times) who was in Aust, and the meek, slightly dependent person I am in Malaysia. I automatically change when I am home. It's like being in an entirely different situation. I guess a lot of people go through it - perhaps at some point of their lives - when you grow to be someone else and start to define yourself in your own way.

Well, I haven't been up to much. Will write more soon. I also have to post some pictures. Till then, take care and have a good new year ahead.

I still have to decide what my New Year's Resolution is...


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