Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Calling a halt...

As of today, I am going to stop applying for jobs. I got interviewed at "the island" earlier this evening and my only reaction is - OH MY GOD. Seriously, the guy didn't even introduce himself, neither did he talk politely. He was so friggin' rude. I was this || close to telling him off, but I figured it'll make me just as bad as him. I'm better after all - at least I have good mannerisms...but seriously! I've been to tons of interviews - never been spoken to that way, ever.

So...no more job applications, sticking to the bank...I'm so tired of all this - I've sent about 100+ to 200 job applications since the beginning of last year. This is the most I can do...it's not like I didn't try...it's just either bad luck or some things are just not meant to be. We'll see what happens, definitely not the end of the world..yet.


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