Thursday, June 07, 2007


Picture obtained from I'm currently reading this book. It's really nice.. Life in Oslo is nice as usual. These days, because its Summer, the sun sets at 11pm or so, so it's always very bright. The temperature is about 22-27 degrees Celcius lately. It's kind of surprising because that's considered "good weather" in Malaysia and even Australia, but here I find it so warm. My colleagues laugh when I say that because all the while I was always cold. The worst part is that the slightly unpredictable weather and the strong wind has kind of ruined my skin. In Spring it was too dry. Now its way too oily and I'm getting breakouts and just the scars are so visible. So I had to change my face-care products. Yeah, 3 years ago I couldn't care less about what I did for my skin. Half the time it was just using whatever was on the sink - some simple brand, whenever I felt like it. Now as I grow older, I hear people discuss "beauty regime" and wonder if I should start doing that myself. But then again I'm the tomboy who doesn't know how to apply makeup ;) I guess that's just me - always focused on practical things!


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