Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

I can't take it :) It's been raining constantly the past few days. So depressing. This is Norwegian Summer :) It's not bad, to have rain, but having to walk to and from work, and then going for Norsk lessons braving the rain - is tiring. Looking on the bright side, Norway doesn't have drought.

So how am I, you wonder? I'm's going well. I finally have a chance to along for awhile - learn what I like at work (teaching myself Multithreaded Porgramming now).

I cooked tempura prawns and ate them with mango chutney the other day. I thought it'll clash but it was really, really tasty :) The next day I made Honey chicken and ate it with naan bread. The naan was instant - heat up ready made stuff, but the chicken was almost from scratch (seasoning from Malaysia).

My next task is to attempt authentic Indian chicken curry...we shall see how I fare with that.


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