Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Norwegian people are very into nature. It's a quality I have never really had. I've always been the big city person who appreciates skyscrapers more than anything else...high-rise apartments, state of the art technology...and so on.

I was lucky to be on a boat along Oslofjorden (Oslo fjord, actually, I'm just using the Norsk name to show-off a little..hehehe) and I took some scenery photographs. This is one of them. It's a really nice, calm, soothing feeling - being on a boat in the "middle of nowhere". I think it is something I don't do often enough - communing with Nature. My colleagues often discuss their experiences in cabin trips and just being in the mountains far away without e-mail or Internet access. Hehehe, I get edgy when I don't have my Internet. I wonder how they do it.


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