Tuesday, July 10, 2007

So I tried my Mom's chicken curry recipe. *Grin* All I can say is it was pretty good. I'm also addicted to this particular Mango chutney available at the supermarket. *DROOL* I know, I'm such a foodie all of a sudden. When I was in school (12-17 years old or so...) I used to not want to eat. Mom used to chase me around the house to get me to eat...of course the easiest way was to lock myself in my room and just say I'm not hungry. ;) I don't know - just went through a phase when food didn't fascinate me.

These days the prospects of cooking/eating good food is quite exciting. In Oslo, it is expensive to eat out...so you kind of have to cook. I also crave different kind of food - sourish, spicy, tangy, all-you-can-think-about-when-you're-eating type of food. If you live in Malaysia, food is a very important factor in your life. When we eat in Malaysia - the food consumes you - at that one moment, all you can think about would be the food - nothing else ;)

I was so tempted to skip Norsk lesson today but I forced myself to attend it. Wasn't so bad, quite challenging lately though.

Hmm, I'm trying really hard not to shop lately partly because things aren't really cheap (especially when you have a younger sister who SMSes you telling you about the shopping deals in KL right now *grumble*) and the other part is I want to do some other things - read, learn Norsk, work more, eat out/hang out with colleagues... so no shopping for the time being :)


At 7/10/2007 07:43:00 AM , Anonymous Tronical said...

Chicken curry with the mango chutney is dangerously tasty. Don't try this at home kids unless you're prepared for an explosion of good taste (and a bit of spiciness :)


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