Thursday, January 24, 2008

So, What's Up?

It's still winter in Oslo now. These days there's barely any snow but the weather is really cold. My skin has given up on this weather - its so dry causing my allergy to kick in. Unfortunately, even half a bottle of moisturizer is not really helping.

Apart from that, everything is fine. I've already bought my flight ticket to Malaysia...will be there for Diwali this year (end of Oct till beginning of Nov). For those of you who miss me ;) -- you know what to do.

I've signed up for Salsa lessons - been to 3 sessions so far. It's awesome. Lots of fun. The only thing is that classes are conducted in Norsk, so I have to listen intently and try to pick up the words. The instructor did say that my footwork was good - just that my arm was a little stiff. Hehehe, feels strange to actually be dancing to be honest because I've never been the social butterfly. For some reason, lately, I seem to have this urge to try new things - it was not there when I was in Australia.

I'm still taking photographs. Plan to pick up a good book on photography this weekend.

I'll leave you with this beautiful sunset shot taken at Vigeland's Park last weekend:


At 1/25/2008 06:06:00 PM , Blogger Shari said...

Come back ASAP!

At 2/04/2008 02:24:00 AM , Blogger Skagen Hus said...

Fieran, I picked up on your blog while cruising some website stats. I love the pictures and I trust it's ok to link you in my blog so people with an interest in Scandinavia can see the beauty. Here in the mid-west USA we have a rather large group of Scandihoovians (affectionate term) working here but missing home a great deal. I feel they will especially enjoy the scenes. John

At 2/26/2008 05:18:00 PM , Anonymous Tatika Laksono said...

Hi there...I noticed on my xanga feedback log that you stopped by my site using your xanga name so here I am saying hi and thanks for stopping by. Be sure to come back again anytime. =)

Hope you have fun on your trip back to Malaysia and salsa dancing is fun (or so I heard..haven't tried it but always wanted to).

I love the pics..they are gorgeous.


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