Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dreaming of Sugar

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I've been trying to cut back on a lot of sweet stuff in an effort to be healthy. These days I look at sweet stuff instead of eat them. So far, so good.

Its Tuesday today..tomorrow is Wednesday and I have my second last Salsa class. I'm at Level 2 now, I don't intend on taking Level 3 because I don't know if I am going to make an effort to go dancing every few weeks or so - you have to practice it if you really want to keep up. I practice it once a week or so - during the weekends, and its fun. But I don't know if I can be disciplined enough to attend Salsa parties/visit Salsa clubs and dance. I prefer to wander around Oslo with my trusty friend - my camera - and get lost in photographs :)

So, I guess after next week, its goodbye to Salsa. I might take it up later - maybe next year or so.

So what else is up here? Hm, let's see. Time has passed really fast lately. I still can't believe its April. My younger sister is graduating in UK this June. She and Mom are visiting me in Oslo, end of June. It's going to be fun :)

Did I mention that my elder sister is expecting? I am still on the lookout for some really cute shoes for the kid. Haven't found any yet.

I feel kind of old lately though..turned 24 last week. My friends are getting on the marriage track, one by one. I'm still pretty content with my life though. Now if only work was less tricky... :)


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