Thursday, September 10, 2009

Change and More Change

If you had told me a year ago that towards the end of 2009, I would have a new job, in a totally different part of Norway, in an entirely different industry, I would have scoffed at you.

Now, I am not so sure anymore. The amount of new/good/bad things that have happened since 2009 started is just amazing. I no longer work for a small Norwegian software company where every summer the freezer was stocked with ice-cream, neither do I work for a large phone manufacturer. I now work in the broadcasting industry - me, the person who is more than happy to sit at a desk and write documentation with no care for the world (except for fashion).

It is not easy to switch jobs with nothing but a three day weekend in between to attempt to clear your mind. I find it difficult to commute a good 40-50 minutes every morning and evening to and from work. But one thing I realise now is that it is quite similar to what I would have done in Malaysia, and what I did in Berlin for three weeks last September.

Sometimes there is just so many things happening that I wish I could stop time for a little while. I find it difficult to juggle so many things. I feel like I have no time to rest, bum on the couch, read, listen to music, watch movies....where do people find the time to balance all this in their lives? If there is a secret, please tell me :)

I am struggling to balance gym in my week. Desperately need to keep going to the gym. I've gone down a size in clothing, so it is helping with the motivation. Hopefully six months from now, I will look better.

I'm off to a nice European city this weekend, for work. It is going to be tiring. I hope I survive :)


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