Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Never Satisfied

Sometimes, I amuse myself by my inability to be satisfied. The other times, I am irritated with myself.

  1. On my good hair days, I yearn for perfect skin.

  2. When I am paying for my purchases at a clothing store, my mind is already on the pair of shoes I so need to get to match the clothing I have bought.

  3. If I do buy a good pair of shoes, I think "I need a new jacket to go with this."

  4. When I do have a good jacket, I think, "All my scarves don't match it, time for new scarves!"

  5. When I buy a book, I always fall for the "3 for 2" offer...but end up only reading that one book that I really wanted to buy. I should have just bought that one book.

  6. When I buy a good hand bag, I think "This will be perfect for 6 months!" But...2-3 months later, I am already scouting for the next bag.

Don't get me wrong. I don't even buy half the things I see, as I have this "bargain shopper" gene in me that doesn't let me spend money on something unless it is worth it. So, everyday, I am at odds with my greedy heart. Argh! Why am I never satisfied?


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