Monday, September 28, 2009

Meet...then Part

I hate it when friends leave. Being an expatriate, it is very common to make nice foreign friends and then have to watch them leave when they take on different opportunities. Logically, it is understandable, but emotionally you just feel so sad. It doesn't help when some of them live so near you and both of you are busy with your own daily lives, then you find out they are leaving and you feel a bit sad that you didn't spend enough time with them. You know what I mean?

Two of my former colleagues and their spouses (whom I am well acquainted with) are leaving this month. They had a small party at their place yesterday and it was bittersweet. Life works in mysterious ways I guess :)

My new job is alright. It's more of a 'job' rather than a passion, if that makes any sense. I always thought you have to love your job to do it, but now I think its possible to just like your job and not love it - yet still be happy with your career. I just look forward to nice productive days, good dinner in the evenings (sometimes with special people) and gym or movie nights.

My employer is moving to a new office, like less than 1km away next weekend and I will get my own office. Now that is the type of progress I like :) Being a technical writer means you need a lot of quiet surroundings to write...nothing helps more than having an office to yourself!

Anyway, I have to sign off now, attempting to review some work for a writer friend.

Wish me luck!


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