Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I doubt you guys are Grey’s Anatomy fans. I am though. I watched the latest episode today at work. Hehehehe. I couldn’t take it. Work is so boring. I even made some important phone calls about my textbooks and I’ve placed some orders already J Yeah, I’m efficient – but only when I have to be. Otherwise, I’m lazy and sloppy.

Anyway, about Grey’s…I watched the episode with Code Black. Code Black probably means something like danger for the whole hospital. Two best friends wanted to re-enact world war too and they built their own Bazooka. One guy got shot by it because he stood in front of it to see why it was not working. Smart people, huh. The worst part is that the “bomb” is alive, and has not exploded. In comes Christina Ricci as Hannah who lodged her hand into the patient’s (guy who got shot by the Bazooka) wound to stop the bleeding. She didn’t know that it was a bomb. The Doctors just told her not to remove her hand so they can work around the wound because she mentioned that the blood was spurting out (or something like that). Then, Karev finds out about the bomb and informs Burke who was about to perform surgery. Then the anesthetician (sp?) leaves because he does not want to die. Technically the whole hospital has been evacuated except for Dr Sheppard who’s performing open brain surgery on Dr Bailey’s husband who met with a car accident while coming to see Dr Bailey who is having labour pains.

See this is a two-part episode and it ends abruptly. Once the anesthetician leaves, Hannah panics and runs off and we see Meredith with her hand on the bomb. Yep, that’s how it ends. It’s quite a tragic episode. I am afraid to know what’s going to happen next week.


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