Monday, January 30, 2006

I...uh.....erm....went shopping again. Hehehehe, okay okay, I'm not denying that I am a shoppaholic to a certain extent, but really, I'm home for the holidays and trying to refurbish my wardrobe. I want to dress differently - bright, vibrant coloured t-shirts for Summer @ Australia (David will say, "It's not Summer when you come back! You missed Summer. Summer was like 40 degrees!), a pair of jeans in a different shade of blue (deep, dark blue), erm...a blue bracelet ;) Hmm..what else...oh, I picked up a, because I plan to make tea from scratch (using tea leaves) now that I have my own kitchen. Not really my own kitchen but I share it with three other people (don't really know who yet).

I'm in a good mood - always am when I've spent money. Hehehe. I picked up a calculator - the particular model an IH friend was looking for. It seems the Casio fx-570MS is not sold in Aust, so he was telling me how most Asians had it and I realised that it was the model I was using as well so I thought I'd get him one because he's been so helpful throughout last semester. It's a thank you gift :) Yeah..I CAN be nice...sometimes ;)


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