Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Urge To Do Everything

Okay, no pun intended, but I have this urge to do everything. I want to:

* learn tennis
* to read this whole zip file full of business readings books
* to read about DVRs and IPCameras
* to read about Embedded Systems
(textbook is staring at me but I have to finish this
irritating report for my internship)
* to take subjects related to the job market
(next semester, July, I have two free electives) so
I'll be one step closer to a job
* to watch loads of movies before I go back
* to actually meet up with a whole list of peple whom I
haven't met yet now that I'm home (oh no,
exactly one month left
..before I leave!)
* to eat Japanese food till I'm so full I can't walk
* eat halwa..haven't eaten halwa (Indian sweet)
in more than a year
* to finish this internship report, start gathering all
the data I can for my report to my university
(it's due 2 weeks after semester starts)
* to clean my room and empty out two-year-old study notes
* to clean my cupboard and get rid of old clothes so
Mom will realise that I don't really have much,
just old stuff ;)
* buy everything I have to buy before I leave for Aust
* call a few people before I leave for Aust
* read a few magazines on engineering because I don't
read any

... sigh, and you wonder why I'm crazy :)


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