Friday, January 13, 2006

Bouncing Around

I write a lot of offline blog posts using Word at work...then I come home and re-read them and think "Nah, I'm not putting this up."

It's weird. LOL. I'm weird. I change my mind easily.

Not much has happened in the past few days...

This is what I wrote at work today:

Extremely Frustrated

I know, I’m whinging again. *Sigh* I hate doing this but sometimes I really don’t have a choice. My supervisor doesn’t like what I wrote. He claims it’s not what he wants.

The problem is there is so much miscommunication between the three parties involved in this project and I’m stuck in between. I’m trying my level best but it is not helping.

I can’t believe my supervisor was complaining about the diagram yesterday, when he knew 100% (at least I hope he knows) that it’s a diagram given by the person we were contacting and it’s not like I can even draw something like that (I know nuts about AutoCAD). Urgh. I just feel so annoyed…being stuck in between all this. Why can’t these old men just make up their minds? It’s not that hard to sit down and discuss everything and of course, DECIDE on what they want, right?

Looks like I might have to work till after 31st January to actually finish my report.

The translation is terrible. I’m having a lot of trouble working on it because it’s taking too much time. My relative is not really bugging me about it, but this time it’s Mom who’s annoyed that I haven’t finished the work. I can’t help it though, it’s not easy. It’s quite hard actually, considering its not just the words but the diagrams too that require translation. Some kind of holiday 

I still haven’t met up with most of my friends. It is really getting frustrating – having so much to do. Not to mention I’m leaving earlier than planned, so it means I have even less time.

Oh my goodness, I don’t know what it is with some men and turquoise green pants. EWWWWW. It’s disgusting and I don’t know why quite a number of guys wear them. It looks horrible. A pair of black pants or khakis would look so much nicer. Oh and pleated, silky pants doesn’t look that nice anymore.

I’ve been watching some movies lately – mostly Tamil because I don’t really get them at Australia. I have to start putting away stuff for packing soon, probably end of January. I don’t want to be rushing and all. The sale ends on 31st Jan, and by then I have to pick up a pair of jeans, denim skirt, a few more tops, some toiletries and another three textbooks. Otherwise I have everything I need.

Oh yeah, I need a cover for my cellphone and a new casing for my iPod. The old one is kind of discoloured. Ah, I’m dreaming of a brown jacket. The light type you can wear for Australian winters, but as usual, the ones I’ve seen so far are ridiculously priced.

I think I need to lose another 3 – 4 kgs to be happy with how I look. I was talking to M last night, on MSN. She was telling me how we should meet up for coffee when I’m back (M is my former jogging partner) and I told her “Yeah, non-fat coffee, no whipped cream and no cake. Just coffee.” Yep, you won’t be seeing photographs of chocolate cake on my blog for a long, long time.

// NG said he likes seeing my "photos-of-things-I-ate-or-thought-about-eating blogs".

Uh-oh, my relative just called me twice on my cell phone and I didn’t answer because I left my phone in my bag. People rarely call me, so I barely keep track of it. Hehehe, I dread calls from this relative because I’m doing his translation work. He only gives me bad news – some file is missing, some diagrams aren’t in, someone messed up so I have to clean it up. No, thanks.


At 1/13/2006 11:44:00 PM , Anonymous sher said...

hello you :) dont worry about the supervisor, that's a standard irritance for all jobs I'm sure, it's only temporary anyway. 4kgs? I know you can do it, just cut off or cut down on the desserts. You'll be alright!

At 1/15/2006 02:56:00 PM , Blogger Fieran said...

Thanks ;)


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