Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I'm really bored. After carrying out so much online research and finishing like 50% of what I'm supposed to write for my supervising engineer, he finds out that he actually is working on another aspect of the project - not the one he THOUGHT he was working on. So, guess what? All my research is wasted. I can't use a single line of what I wrote for this "NEW PART". I almost strangled him.

By the way, I haven't really blogged because Streamyx is acting up. *sigh* Malaysian broadband - whenever it rains, it doesn't really work. Makes you wonder if rain is new in Malaysia, that's why Streamyx doesn't know how to handle rain.

I'm trying to locate a company here which sells Atmel STK500 microcontroller programemrs. I'd like to know the price. So I googled and checked Atmel's site. Looks like there is a company nearby. Let's see how much they're going to charge. I have a feeling its going to be expensive. For those of you wondering, the Atmel STK500 is one of those devices that you connect to your computer, put a little cute Atmel microcontroller (which is usually smaller or the same size as a cigarette lighter) into the grooves, turn it on, and you are "burning the microcontroller". That's our "engineer term" for it. Actually you're just programming it - making it remember code that is in hexadecimal format.

Sounds interesting huh ;) Okay, don't yawn. But I'm crazy about things like these...though I'm not good at it. That's part of my problem in life - I'm not good with a lot of things I like. :)

The labs at uni provides Atmel STK200, which is a few years older than the current STK500 model. If I had one of these, I wouldn't have had to beg people to keep the labs open last semester. So, I'm considering investing in one. MIGHT come in handy. Otherwise I'll sell it off after I graduate. Hey, AUD 1 = RM 2.80. Still worth it :)

I didn't find anything nice at Sungai Wang. Was a bit irritated. I picked up a pair of three-quarter jeans at The Curve. It comes with a floral scarf-type belt. But guess what? The jeans is too lose to be worn with that sort of a belt. So I cannot wear the belt with that jeans. I have to wear it with a pair of jeans which is not falling off me. Sometimes it's not that fun - losing weight. Not that I lost weight intentionally, we all know the drama that went on at home until I lost weight.

Oooh, we're in 2006 now. I'm supposed to be the NEW me. Hahaha :)

I'm kinda annoyed with myself for several reasons. I won't whine about it, but let's just say I feel bad too, for not meeting a lot of you whom I promised I'll meet when I'm back. I just have loads to do. I finished translating another book...and I have one last book left. Then no more translation.

I ordered a textbook - that's what happens when irritating bookstores don't stock up on the books you need. In the whole of KL and Selangor, nobody has the book I'm looking for. So, I have to order it from The Island. Urgh, that means I gotta wait three weeks...and the book costs RM200+. There goes enough money to buy a pair of Levi's jeans. *sniffle*


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