Sunday, December 18, 2005

What Have I Been Up To?

Well, I admit I'm not really doing anything apart from going to work from 8.30 - 5.30. Watching some television programmes, reading some books, daydreaming, planning which date to come back.

It's irritating how the first year after my grandmother's demise (we Indians see the Hindu calendar and it gives you a date which is said to be exactly one year after the person departed...) is falling on March 3rd. I wanted to attend the prayers because I wasn't even here for half of the prayers they had when she passed away. Australia beckoned, remember? Now, Australia beckons, again - university begins, officially, 26 February 2006. I find it annoying. I also wanted to go bug my cousin who's turning 30 on 27th February. She's the mom to the cute kid I always talk about?

So, now I might leave late. Assuming I can get my perfect flight. I have to start booking soon or I won't have a flight. At least that's what my optometrist told me.

Speaking of optometrists, my eyesight has deteriorated. I kept getting headaches but I didn't know why. Then I went and saw my optometrist last Wednesday and he took a new reading for my astigmatism angle and of my short-sightedness (is that even a word?) - turns out, it has deteriorated. He said I'm one of those people with very sensitive astigmastim angles. If my glasses are skewed slightly or bent, I won't be comfortable. Urgh, no, it's not flattering because I had to order a new pair of glasses.

I was hoping that if my glasses were fine, I could order contacts instead. I was kind of jinxed with contacts in Australia - just couldn't agree. My eyes were bloodshot all the time so I exchanged them for a pair of glasses. Now, I can't get contacts. I figured I'd pick a new pair of glasses because when you lack sleep, it's very uncomfortable to wear contact lenses. Glasses are also the best when people like me oversleep and wake up 30 mins just before class. Yeah, I don't seem that type but it happens to the best of us ;)

I am yet to meet up with some friends. Again, it is irritating that I'm doing an internship (unrrelated internship..urgh) which doesn't pay and the list of things I'd like to buy is just too long. I know, I'm greedy. But it's just that sometimes you hold back from buying a lot of things you'd like for a long time, so the list grows. I don't buy much things in Australia because they are expensive. I was sooo hoping to get a lot of things in Malaysia. But then when you're back, reality sets in. You don't earn, so it's not like you have that much money. Yeah, I get a monthly allowance from my parents but still? I'm doing the translation, true enough, but it's a lot of work. Besides, I'm tempted to bail out after I've completed this final booklet. It's tiring, especially when you come home at 5.30 and the person wants it the next day morning or something like that. So I don't get to sleep much. And it affects my concentration at work the next day. Fine, no one there even knows who compuer systems engineers are but I still like to have my image as an energetic, focused person.

I am a bit tempted to work at Australia, now. It's not easy to get a PR and a job, but sometimes it's just nice to have people who understand what you study. It grates at my confidence that no one gets what I study. At least at Australia, people don't give me this whole blank-eyed look. Well, we'll see. Elder sister might be getting married end of next year. I soooo wanted to attend the Christmas sale at Australia. Looks like I can't do that now. I figured I'd do some office clothes shopping before I come back. *grumble* Yeah, I know it's a crappy thing to complain about when your elder sister has found someone she deems worthy of marrying. True. But she wants me to wear a saree for her wedding (I don't like sarees. All those times I wear traditional suits - they are punjabi suits; entirely different stuff.) and her boyfriend's name is just one letter different from mine.

It doesn't really bother me, but it is irritating when other people commment something along the lines of, "Oh! That's his name? Your boyfriend and your sister have the same name?" Gee. Thanks. I'm not male. I hate being thought of as male. That's why I grew my hair. Now people will wonder if my name is unisex. No, it's not. I'm Kavindra and he's KavindraN. Big difference. But yeah, on the other other hand, I am pretty glad my elder sister has found someone. She seems happy. I like her to be happy - she deserves it. She has gone through a few downturns in life and seeing her with her big Corporate Assurance Executive job (mind you, I wrote her resume..hehehe) and getting all dressed up for work (her dressing sense is wonderful...really, she doesn't buy expensive clothes at all but somehow she coordinates her clothing very well), not to mention driving her own car - it's nice.

I'm excited about graduating...but terrified too. My cousin failed two papers last semester and she cannot graduate now. Sounds familiar, something like what my elder sister went through - but she failed one. Still, it's quite bad when you reach your final semester and crap like this happens. I'm scared it will happen to me. So I'm gonna take most of my tough subjects next semester. *keeps fingers crossed* I feel bad for my cousin. We kind of grew up together. She does study hard. I hope she re-takes those two papers and finishes her degree asap.

Yeah, it's been a long post. I know ;) I've been watching lots of episodes - Ghost Whisperer, House (OMG, Foreman is House's boss. That episode was hilarious.), Desperate Hosuewives (is on break till 8th Jan!), Smallville (is getting very boring) and Grey's Anatomy (move over Addison!).

Take care you guys (I know I have less and less readers as the days go by..bad for morale but good for privacy, don't you think?) and I really want to meet all of you before I leave (Shari, Kim( Jap food! ), Bengie, and everyone else who is free!).


At 12/18/2005 10:40:00 PM , Blogger shari said...

Congrats to your sis :)

Oh, you don't look like a guy. Really want to meet up with u *pouts*, starting from this wednesday, I'll be free [jobless]!


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