Sunday, November 27, 2005

Back :)

Okay. I confess. I have been away from the "blogging scene" for awhile. I just don't have much to write - you know, lazy people like me who just bum around everyday with no care for what day and date it is. Can't help it. It's fun. I've been doing a bit of window shopping, I picked up three t-shirts yesterday. Drooled at about five pairs of jeans...but I'll wait for the sale. Might just get one pair before I leave. I got an internship. I heard its a small engineering firm. Not too bad I guess, considering I need it to graduate.

Results aren't out yet. I do have guts - I've been checking everyday. I'm gonna face it, I mean, if, God forbid I fail a subject, I'll handle it. It's not so bad after all...people handle worse failures, right?

After so many years, I have finally managed to set up bit torrent on my laptop with the home Streamyx connection. Cool huh ;) I have all my episodes to keep me company now. It's so much fun.

I've been watching House, Ghost Whisperer, Grey's Anatomy and Smallville. Oh, not to forget Desperate Housewives. My younger sister bought the DVDs for the first two seasons of The O.C. So I've started watching that too. I like series. They're interesting.


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