Monday, November 21, 2005

Being Lazy

I haven't been lazy in awhile. I haven't been doing much either. Been window shopping a fair bit...keeping an eye on the things I want. I tried a couple pairs of Levi's jeans today. So, I know what I want. I'm just gonna lose some weight and then buy 'em ;)

I also saw some nice tops. Let's hope there's a sale in December where I get about 20% discount or something. Then, I'll grab 'em. I also reserved a set of Ian Irvine fantasy novels. Been wanting to read his books awhile. I'm gonna drag Dad to the bookstore tomorrow ;) he can pay for them. *Evil grin* Hey, my Dad doesnt mind ;) [Note to self: Keep doing this, and it will be certified that you're a spoilt brat.]


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