Monday, November 07, 2005

Well, I did post something here, but I did from a friend's laptop coz I was at uni. I never take my laptop to uni these days because I cannot study with it being so near. In fact, after I write this post, I'm unplugging it, shutting it down and putting it on my bed. Can't help it, MSN, Yahoo! Messenger and what not are just soooo distracting when you're trying to cram before the exam. Hmm, "Cram Before The Exam", man that rhymes.

Anyway, I've just been studying. I challenged myself to not eating out at all, just IH food, that way I can save money. And, should I succeed, I'll "invest" in a pair of black jeans I spotted a few days ago. Hehehe, I bought the classic dark blue-ruggard one, but the black one is still on my mind.


Just got off the phone with Mom. She's making sure I checked the exam schedule properly. Hehehe, of all the people who live in IH, I'm the one who receives the most calls from home and who calls home the most. At least, that's what I assume. Can't help it though, I'm so used to doing things with my Mom's approval that I still seek for it. Like when I want to buy something big (clothes + books..NOT food), I still sms and ask for her permission. Yep, pampered kid. I'll agree a bit.

In nine days, I'll be home. Hmm, three months of bliss? Couldn't agree more. I have a long list of things I want to do. I've already made plans with kim and my younger sister. We're watching Harry Potter #4 that same day I reach and kim and I are meeting up the next day ;)

Anyway, back to books. Seeya!


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At 11/08/2005 02:40:00 PM , Blogger Fieran said...

Sorry, I did publish some ramblings but it just refused to show. Technical problem. Shall be fixed soon.


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