Friday, October 14, 2005

Guess What?

I just got a call from my Dad :) He's calling me from work, using his cell phone, from work. It seems he's going home soon, just thought he'll call me for the fun of it I guess. Hehehe, it's nice. My Dad rarely talks to me on the phone, because whenever I call, the phone is automatically passed to my Mom, unless I insist on speaking to Dad, and that's usually on something along the lines of computer stuff, or purchasing books or something like that. Because I've always been a tomboy, I get along quite well with my Dad. My elder sister and him discuss work, handling people, banking and finance procedures etc. My younger sister and him discuss sports, cars and audio visual stuff. My Dad and myself, we usually discuss computers and handling people. Hehehe...we have this yearly thing where we attend PC-fairs in Malaysia and ooh-and-ahh over the latest gadgets.

Yes, I write a lot about my family lately because I'm a bit homesick. I miss the tea my Mom makes and the food too :)

I'm on the waiting list for a flight back to Malaysia on the 17th of November. I really hope to get a flight for then. I finish my finals on the 15th of November. I have to literally "move out" of IH and store my stuff someplace else until I come back. It's part of the contract it seems....I think I've mentioned this before in an earlier post.

I've been working on my digital voice recorder project lately. I must say, we have made quite a lot of progress. I just have my fingers crossed that everything works out find in the end. I'll do my best..and the rest is up to the man upstairs :)

I'm still vegetarian (until Oct 24th). I never knew Falafel Kebabs tasted this good. I usually ate chicken kebabs but since Falafel is vegetarian, I thought I'll try it. It is good.

A lot of people are leaving IH end of this year. It is going to be a bit sad because a lot of the people I like are leaving. It is going to be a bit of effort to keep in touch via e-mail. There's nothing like face-to-face conversations, you know? I might go to Singapore end of this year, for a few days to meet up with one of my friends who is leaving Australia for good. She'll be finishing her Honours in Psychology. Would be fun to hang out with friends, have lots of fun during this three months break.

If you're wondering about my internship, no. I got no replies yet. But it's alright. I've been thinking, and I have an idea. If I don't get any internships end of this year, I'll take any job and work for the fun of it. Then, I will extend my degree by one semester, and do three subjects for three consecutive semesters. That way, I will be buying time to apply for more internships and do my internship during the end of next year. Sound idea, huh. I guess I've changed in a way. Everything is no longer a life or death issue. If something doesn't happen, I'll just work around it. No use crying over spilt milk and whining over things that cannot be. After all, smart people are those who make do with what they have right?


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