Friday, October 28, 2005

Making Progress

Yep, I am making some progress in studying. I faced my fears. Ever since I came here, I am afraid of looking at the calendar. Back home, if I had an exam, I'd bravely look at the calendar everyday, count how many days I have left, make a study schedule and stick to it. But here, I don't even plan what I'm supposed to study. I just sit and study aimlessly. So, I've fixed that. I've made a schedule and I'm sure its going to work. Wish me luck.

It's noisy now. The people downstairs are getting drunk and blasting music. *Sigh* On a Friday night. I can understand. I just want to study though. Three more questions to look through then I can rest and search for my PSpice CD, install it, and write about 1000 words for my 3000-4000 word Design Challenge Report. Yep, I am making progress. I feel a lot better lately. I get things. I understand what's happening. Maybe it IS always darkest before dawn...?

-- Oooh, by the way, I watched the new Superman trailer (Superman Returns, I think). It was really good. I think they got the guy (I'm not sure who) to look like the late Christopher Reeve? I'm not sure who the girl is either, but I read that Hugh Laurie (aka Dr. Greg House) is Perry White. Yeah, I've gushed over that already. But whether the movie does well or not, I'm still watching it for "Perry White"..really, Hugh Laurie can be hilarious. Then again, doesn't Perry White have to be an out-of-shape, pot-bellied man? Hugh Laurie is skinny.


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