Sunday, November 13, 2005

At Uni..

I'm Fieran@Uni. Yep yep, as usual...camping here. I think I should get a sleeping bag and just live in the GP South building's foyer. Sounds good huh. I'm trying to study, making slow, painful progress. Quote a guy here, "That's painful man, like putting needles in your eye." Yeah, definitely. But I can't complain. I am making progress. So, what are you guys up to? I get no comments lately. I'm feeling unloved and unwanted...LOL.

I have about five hours of Mathematics to work on and maybe another eight to nine hours of electronics I'd like to do. I'm considering pulling a 4-hour-sleep thing on Monday night so I can study for my Tuesday's exam. I can almost hear my Mom saying, "Make sure you sleep for awhile." Hahahaha, if she only knew how little sleep I get somedays. I know, its not good for me. But I can't help it sometimes....we do what we have to do.

Don't worry about me. I'm not suicidal or anything...just really disappointed. My classmate, Mr.M (he likes being told he's macho and all that..) got me boxes to pack my stuff up and he's letting me store the stuff at his house garage. Cool huh. Oh, he's also offered to send me to the airport. Whoa, I get to save AUD36. Now, that is good news. I asked him if he wanted anything from Malaysia, when I come back....guess what he asked? Cigarettes. Now how can *I* the anti-smoking-activist buy someone cigarettes? I'd be indirectly encouraging him to smoke. I never encourage people to smoke. I'm a good girl! *points at halo*...Sigh, sticky situation.

Apart from that, my life is so uneventful. I mean, seriously, people think when you study abroad, you get to like lots of stuff, party, club, get drunk, do ALL the silly stuff, without your parents knowing. But nah, I still live a very dry life. Reaidng textbooks, watching episodes on my laptop, contemplating my future...scaring myself to death with studies and grades and exams and killing my dreams of getting Honours...the usual :(

By the way, I didn't buy that pair of black jeans because it was pretty similar to a pair I have and also because it was no longer a great bargain. I don't like buying many pairs of jeans of the same colour. Jeans should be unique. I mean, I want to have various types of jeans, not the same thing over and over again. Hey, a girl has an image to maintain you know ;) Can't help it.

Ooh, for count-down's sake...I'm 4 days away from leaving. Pretty excited. I'm sooo gonna be lazy back home ;)


At 11/15/2005 08:58:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey gurl.. got your comment on my blog... thanks for taking time to read and for dropping by.. :)

It's not easy sumtimes.. but i guess the end result would be awesome ey? :)

perseverance marks the race! keep on running okay... im sure ull be awesome in everything u do!


At 11/16/2005 11:35:00 PM , Blogger Fieran said...

Hmm..Now I wonder who this is :) You didn't sign it! :(


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