Friday, December 09, 2005

Mixed Feelings

My whole idea of coming home and taking a break, backfired. I don't like to whine. I like to be the person who accepts everything stoically...the person who knows that nothing in life lasts forever so everything that comes her way is meant to be and is definitely for the better. So, I won't whine (this time). I have a lot of work though. People laugh at how they come by and see me on my laptop everyday. I can't help it. I have to finish this translation work I promised a relative. It's not easy, especially when the duration given is so short and when you're a person who just cannot accept it when you cannot do something. Instead, you just keep pushing yourself. I haven't slept properly for the past few days. I mean seriously, I spend like more than 6 hours a day back in Australia, sitting in front of my laptop. You'd think I'd wnat to get away from it for once, but I can't.

I'm extremely tired I keep nodding off at work (I am sure people have noticed). Well, my internship is just basically me studying civil engineering documents from 8.30am to 5.30pm with 1 hour lunch break in between. I'm goint to visit a construction site this Monday and I'll be back Monday night (had to cancel Japanese dinner plans with Kim :()...yeah, it's fun. I'm just really tired though. It's like I have my internship, the translation work, stuff to do. Feels like "Australia" happening all over again - no room to breathe. Everything just crashes down on me. I want this and I want that but wanting things requires so much sacrifice. Guess whoever said, "to win something you have to lose something", was so right.


At 12/09/2005 09:07:00 PM , Blogger Kimberlycun said...

dont worry about the cancelled lunch, always another day mwahs. take it slow k? hugs


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