Monday, December 19, 2005

I’m at work now, bored a little. I’ve resorted to taking my iPod and headphones along. It makes the days more bearable. LOL. I’ve been given another assignment (earlier I was researching on open systems and client/server), something related to irrigation and water management. It’s quite interesting but it requires a lot of Internet research. I’m trying to convince my supervising engineer to let me work at home. *grins* I mean, like I’ll go in half the day…because our office (the particular room I work at) has no Internet and I told him it’s not fair of me to plug in an external computer (my laptop) into the office’s official network, at the other office. Besides, I don’t even know anyone at that office, it’ll be hard to work there. So, apart from sitting here reading articles I saved off the Internet during lunch, I’m not doing much. My funky pair of maroon and red glasses have arrived. They are perfect. Anything you spend a lot of money on is usually perfect. *grumble*

My friends are having exams these few days. I hope their exams are going fine. I can understand how they feel, panicky and stressed up. Keep calm guys, if someone like me can Pass, you guys can definitely Pass. LOL.

I’m considering taking Marketing as one of my free electives next semester. I wonder if its tough. So far, It looks quite interesting and easy ;) I’d love to take an easy subject for once. All this brain-squeezing subjects aren’t too good so far. If I take something easy, I’ll do well and it’ll boost my morale – wouldn’t you agree? So, I wrote to my program coordinator, let’s see what he has to say. *keeps fingers crossed*


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