Monday, January 09, 2006

It's 2pm now. I still haven't got into any final year research projects. I've applied, but there's no reply yet. I'm going back earlier to Australia because my grandmother's prayers has been brought forward from 4 March to 19 February. That means I get to go back before university officially starts. In a way, I am glad because I will now be cooking instead of eating IH food, so I'll need some time to go grocery shopping *grin* and to settle down in my new room ;) But going back early means I can't work for that extra month (Feb-March). I wanted to work as a typist or a clerk for a month and earn some money to pay for part of my flight ticket. Looks like I can't do that now.

I still have a lot of the report to write for my supervising engineer. I can't say its tough stufff or anything but I think I'm putting it off partly because I'm not motivated/interested. I feel like my brain is rotting away...LOL

After I complete that, I have to write the report regarding my entire internship for my university. That's a 2000 word one. Again, I can't say its tough stuff, but I'm just tired of sitting in frotn fo this laptop constantly typing. I admit I love computers but I am very frustrated about having to do the same thing consistently - in Australia, I spent like 12 hour a day sometimes, in front of my computer. I'm doing almost the same thing here, with the report for my supervising engineer and the translation stuff. I came home to spend time with people...if I wanted to spend time with my laptop, I could do it there too.

I'm still looking for a perfect flight schedule. I'm tempted to take Emirates because its RM89 cheaper. That's not much money when you compare flight tickets, but it is a lot of money when you think of what you can buy for 90 ringgit in Malaysia. *grins* Might help contribute to my Levi's jeans fund. Hehehe.

I'm writing this at work, like I usually do, then I go home and publish it. The office is almost empty - with engineers visiting their clients, some of the draughtsmen on leave and so on. It's so dead. Another 3 hours 20 minutes of work left. My supervising engineer is on leave, so I don't have to act busy.

My elder sister is getting married in July so I'll be home for the July holidays as well. I plan to travel light when I come back:) It's a dream come true to have a light suitcase. I can just imagine how heavy my suitcase is going to be now when I go back because I have three pairs of shoes to squeeze in. Hopefully it's not that heavy.

To be honest, although I'm excited about going back and finishing my final year, I'm a bit sad about leaving home. I've gotten too used to it :) Yeah, I have my disagreements with my family and all that, and it can be very distressing but I still like home. Which is why I'm having trouble deciding if I should work at Aust or not. (If I can get a job, that is.) I am quite a homebody. I won't worry about it now, I guess. I'll focus on studying hard and finishing my final year :) Then, we'll talk about jobs.

I have another 14 days or so left of my internship. Phew. It's quite a relief to know I'm finishing it off.

I should go now. Take care you guys and have a wonderful week ahead. I'll write more when something happens.


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