Sunday, January 08, 2006

I haven't been updating because my Internet connection has been very crappy and also because I've had a bit of work to do.

I went shopping today :) Picked up two skirts at a fraction of the price they are usually worth in Australia. Really, its a steal when you compare to how much the shops in Australia are selling these skirts for. It's about AUD50 there, that means RM150 here. I got it for less than RM50. I feel kinda smart right now. LOL :) Ah, nothing like a good bargain.

Yep, me wearing skirts. It's quite a big issue actually, considering the tomboy I used to be. It all begin one fine evening in Sydney, sometime April 2003. LOL. That's when my sense of dressing took a 360 degrees turn. I guess my elder sister will claim some credit for that, but hey, you can't make me wear clothes I don't like ;)

Hmm, I need to find matching tops for my skirts, but that'll be from next month's allowance :) Right now, I gotta focus on finishing my last bit of translation - 8 chapters left. Then PHEW. I'll be free.

I have a friend, whose parents have grounded her 100% (no college, no cellphone, no Internet, no computer, no friends, nothing) because she liked a Muslim guy. It's kinda sad. I miss talking to her. We were pretty close for about 1.5 years. The two of us and another friend were like a gossip factory at college. LOL. It feels really weird when you have this sort of a situation - you can't do anything to meet her because her parents consider her friends a bad influence to her and you just have to let it be...knowing that you have a friend whom you cannot contact. It's frustrating. I don't get it. Why do parents do this to their children? I don't understand why it's so wrong to like a person who is not of your religion. It's just religion...such a small part of our lives. I don't believe that our religion actually defines who we are. I'm not a person who judges people based on their religion.

Although I'm not a romantic person, I can safely say that I don't think love chooses people based on religion. You like someone for who they are. Period. That's it. Right? Or am I just being idealistic and dreamy? I don't know, but all I know is, her parents are being very, very cruel. It feels like I'm watching a Tamil movie or something - things are this bad only in movies. I don't know what to do. I miss talking to her. I miss my friend. We had so many plans about what we'll do when I'm back for the holidays - now I can't even meet her. There are so many more important things in life out there, than religion. I'm not being controversial but I just think that sometimes, as humans, we tend to look at the minute things in life that we overlook the important things that really, really matter.

People complain about not bieng able to have children and all that when there are so many orphan kids out there who could really use a good home. I have heard of people who make it such a big deal about adopting children when in fact, it's nothing big. Imagine the life some established professionals can give a kid but they choose not to do so because they say "oh, we don't know where that child came from, what's its religion and all that", right....but hunger and love knows no religion.

All this war, bombing and it even worth it? The price of a life for the sake of religion. You live today, you die tomorrow. What you do in between is all that matters. If you can make people smile, if you can make a difference, feed a hungry person, clothe a poor person, educate an individual to be a better person, that's all that matters. Who cares what religion you are? What does it matter in the grand scheme of things? I don't get it. I really don't get it. It's just how you perceive God. Why can't people look beyond it and see the individual behind?


At 1/08/2006 06:09:00 AM , Anonymous HiDiN said...

I agree with what ya said about the whole religion issue, don't get me started on wars and stuff, I (even being a veteran) always get called unpatriotic because I am staunchly anti-war, I just don't agree with killing people cause you don't agree with their point of view, but that is just me. I feel bad for your friend, I don't understand that whole 100% grounding thing, I think that too many people are too closed minded and too conservative, and its a bad thing! As far as the skirts, you need to show off them legs ;) I am glad to hear you are wearing skirts and not just pants! Its about time. What do we have to look forward to for your next wardrobe change? I can't wait to hear what it is!

At 1/09/2006 10:32:00 PM , Blogger shari said...

wow, being grounded is kind of harsh. it's sad even now; we are not as modern as we think; in the way we perceive other people's religion and stuff.

You wearing a skirt; that I must see..hehehe

At 1/09/2006 10:50:00 PM , Blogger Fieran said...

Hahaha, okay let me find a matching top, then we'll meet ;)


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