Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I Lied

A friend whom I met in Aust and lives in a country nearby was down in KL but she didn't even make an effort to meet up with me. She mentioned that she will, repeatedly, and replied to my SMS (I didn't even know she was here, I just smsed a Hi, and I got a reply, saying she's here)...but now she's online and she said she's home and she blamed her mobile phone for dying out on her and all that. Gee, which year was it that they told you to not forget your mobile phone charger when travelling..? Or was it just all the time?

I lied because I told her I'm not pissed - but I am. I'm disappointed that someone can't even make such an effort as to meet up with me. I would have got my Mom to drive us to a mall or something you know. *Sigh* Friends can be mean.


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