Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Woohooo, I met up with suppliers today. It was kind of fun, the first time I'm actually doing something like that. Okay, the two guys who came were kinda boring and it wasn't that bad. They didn't know much about the program we are considering using for one of our projects. I am attending a formal meeting this Friday. Yay! I gotta dress well, today I was kind of sloppy - red collared tee shirt, black slacks, white billabong semi-casual sneakers. Friday, I'll wear a formal shirt, slacks and boots ;)

Davey mentioned that I didn't talk about Grey's Anatomy in my blog. Okay, I watched the new episode - it was kind of interesting but it feels like they really are dragging it. That's getting frustrating. Ghsot Whisperer is getting more and more interesting...the Ghosts are getting more intense and less friendly. Smallville is sad, really. It's losing its momentum. If it weren't for Tom Welling, I'd have stopped watching it already. Desperate Housewives is alright - watchable. House is sooo interesting.

I have a craving for food - teh tarik, japanese food, roti john from Steven's corner (it rocks!), seafood at some simple place (I don't want a flashy place because you can't use your fingers and eat normally + messily), naan bread with tandoori chicken, pasta (probably at chili's)... *Drool*

I had two roti telur and spicy fish curry for dinner last night. It was really good. Funny we take such simple food for granted sometimes. I really felt the lack of Malaysian food when I was at Aust.

I have like 8 days left (excluding public holidays and weekends) to finish my internship. Then, I'm gonna meet up with all my friends, attend my grandmother's prayers then leave back for Aust. Of course, in between I have to try out contact lenses, purchase a few sets, get a pair of shades, see my dentist, buy a new luggage (I killed mine when I was in Melbourne, it can't stand well now.), buy a few more tops, buy my textbooks, ship all my books using FedEx, and that's it I hope.

The list just grows and grows when you sit and consider everything you haven't done yet. I still have a lot of reading up to do before next semester starts. I'm kind of worried actually but I'm hoping to manage my time better this semester.

I bought a lime green and egg yellow cute looking bedsheet for my room in Aust. It's just a simple single bedsheet. The irritating part about buying single bedsheet is that none of our rooms at home have single beds so I have to get rid of the sheets/comforter before I come back. I can't use it at home.

I'm extremely bored at work...I keep yawning and dozing off. It's a bit embarassing..LOL, but I just can't help it. Hmm, I think people were not very accurate when they said "An idle mind is the devil's workshop"'s more like "An idle mind just feels really sleepy".

I'm a bit heavy hearted to go back to Aust. Yeah, it's exciting and all, but I'm worried about studies. It's funny how the human mind forgets though. I seem to have "healed" since my first semester in Aust. Earlier when I spoke about stuff like how tough Uni is and all, it used to be painful - like group work and all. Now I feel kind of okay about it - maybe I'm learning to accept things and move on...


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