Tuesday, January 17, 2006

...Spilling The Beans

Well, no. I didn't cause someone to get punished or something but see my report for my supervisor is hitting a major dead end thanks to his lack of "information" and the fact that he's just never around. Oh, and don't forget the major miscommunication..

Ah, before I go on, please don't think that I'm like 100% pissed and ready to strangle someone or anything. I'm not. I just like talking about stuff. I can't say I'm complaining...just stating the obvious perhaps?

Okay, back to the story. I didn't really spill any beans but I bumped into "The Boss" in the elevator. Suffice to say, he's my surpervisor's boss and he asked how my stuff was going on and I explained - the truth...that it is actually related to my degree (yeah, yeah, I know, I whinged about that for quite awhile but there was actually jobs online which had my degree in relation to systems I'm studying now...) and I told him about the miscommunication. Guess what? He dropped another bomb on my head - he claims that it's irrigation, flood mitigation and flood plains management. I'm wondering if I should tell this to my supervisor or not. I think I won't. I think I need to start being a little smart and not living by the book. What do you think? Do I tell him, "I spoke to your boss and he said you are wrong?"

Hmm...no matter how I word it, that's how it's going to sound right?

I picked up a denim skirt yesterday. I really like it ;) Looks like I'm geared up for summer (or what's left of it) when I reach Aust ;)


At 1/17/2006 06:47:00 AM , Anonymous sher said...

hmm well it's hard to say what you should do. on the one hand, if he finds out eventually and quickly, he can rectify his mistake, but if he doesn't then there will be alot of harm and if they find out that you knew about the mistake they might be wondering why you said nothing. Perhaps you could act innocent and bring it up with your supervisor? Pretend that you're confused becaused his boss said something contrary to what your supervisor said. That way, you're not acting like the know it all intern and he will be grateful to you even if he doesn't admit it.


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