Saturday, January 28, 2006


I've been sick for the past four days. On Tuesday, I took half-day leave and came home partly because of my supervisor's bad breath - Gosh, it was just plain disgusting, and also partly because I was feeling really sick. Then, on Wednesday, I went to work as usual but I was feeling really, really crappy - kept sneezing so hard it hurt. My shoulders were like so stiff for no reason and I could barely carry my laptop backpack. So, on Thursday, I couldn't breathe properly thanks to the blocked nose. I spoke to Mom and she said it's possible the doctor will grant me medical leave. So I saw the Doctor (I'm 21, almost 22, Dad's employer no longer covers my medical bills. Crap. I haven't paid a doctor's fee in years. Ah, what the heck, it was only 30 bucks and Mom paid it..but still!!!) and I got four types of medication and one day off with these lines "If you don't feel well tomorrow, give me a call and I'll give you another day off."...well something along those lines.

I used the chance today. Woke up with my throat on fire. Oh my goodness, I think I'm being punished for all those mischevious things I've done over the years. Seriously guys, get your head out of the gutter. By mischevious I mean white lies - telling Mom I spent 10 ringgit on the ice blended coffee when it was actually 12 ringgit. The number 10 doesn't sound as bad as 12 you know... So yeah, that sort of mischeviousness.

Ah, did I mention I went shopping yesterday? See I rarely get sick but when I do, my ego gets bruised. So to inflate it back again, shopping is the best therapy. Of course, chocolate, ice-cream and all that will help too, but ice-cream isn't very good for a person who has trouble breathing without Vicks Vaporub rubbed all over her nose. So I opted for shopping. Finally picked up that pair of Levi' a steal of a price. It's not that cheap, but considering the price of a Levi's at Aust and the price of a Levi's currently, that was still cheap. Okay, maybe reasonably cheap.

Then, I picked up a funky long-sleeved t-shirt. I really like long-sleeved tees, they're so cool. I also bought a pink hair clip - yeahh, getting in touch with my feminine side. Hmm, two pairs of shorts to wear at home, in Aust. Erm, what else...oh eyedrops for my new pair of contact lenses (haven't tried them on yet, eyes are watery thanks to the flu).

I spent my whole day today away from the laptop. It's so nice to not have to sit in front of this thing for a day. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love this piece of metal to bits but it gets frustrating when you do the same thing in Aust, then you do it here as well.

I watched Bluffmaster today. It's a really good movie. I mean you expect the typical con-man-trying-to-reform-stereotype-story but this one is quite refreshing. I didn't really expect the ending. Most Hindi movies have English subtitles these days so if you get your hands on a copy of Bluffmaster, please watch it :)

Apart from that, I've been watching Australian Open. Boy, can Roger Federer play tennis or what! I mean seriously, his expression barely changes.

Hmm, anyway, I'm going to take my medicine - the antibiotic, flu stuff, and the knockout cough mixture. In less than 45 minutes, I'll be out :) LOL.

You guys take care and to those of you who live in Malaysia, Happy Chinese New Year and enjoy your long weekend. I, for one, am definitely going to.


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