Sunday, May 07, 2006


I did all my laundry yesterday - by hand. I get to save $2.40 to $4.80 each time I do my laundry by hand. Hehehe, $4.80 is a good meal at the university's cafe. So, of course I'd opt to do my laundry by hand! :) I also cleaned my bathroom. It's soo sparkly clean now...very comfy. I like clean bathrooms.

I'm actually done with my Marketing assignment but I have to proof-read, write a conclusion and finish up my referencing - really don't feel like doing it so I think I might to uni and sit in an empty spot at the library and work on it. Then finish it, come home, print it and keep it aside for submission tomorrow. Sounds like a good idea huh :)

I convinced my parents to let me conver my visa to a working visa so I can work part-time next semester. I'd really like to because then I can earn my own allowance.

Apart from that, nothing much is up. I've actually met some nice people this semester but most of them are leaving in June. It's a bit disappointing. But that's what happens anyway - you meet people, you grow into a better person, and then you move on, right?


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