Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Missing Brisbane...and other stories.

On the days when I am busy, I don't really feel it; on the days when I am not busy or just sitting around thinking about nothing in particular, I really do miss my life in Brisbane.

I miss taking pictures of the sky. These are the last few ones I took before leaving.

At 4.44pm -- 4 something in the evening used to be my favourite time of the day at Brisbane. Somehow, it kind of made me feel as if I survived the day - and all the tasks it entailed.

At 3.20 am -- It looks brighter because of the camera flash.

I like this one -- you can actually see the different shades of sunlight as it fades.

And I like this one too -- the colours are so nice, makes me hopeful for some reason.

And the colours here -- changing so smoothly.

The bubbly effect looks so nice

This is at 5.21pm -- It's the sun setting.


After a slightly dry Season 5, Smallville's new Season 6 episode was really good - the title is Hydro. It was so sad how Lana literally begged Clark to trust her with his secret and how Clark looked when he told Lana that he knew about the baby. Lana looks so sad and bitter this season...but it was quite obvious she would have taken Clark back if only he had told her his secret. Damn.

Smallville is getting more interesting. I guess I'll be looking forward to the newer episodes now.

I watched House too. I couldn't believe how he managed to get the guy at the rehab centre to give him Vicodine pills. He also apologized to Wilson...whoa, that really was House at his best.

Definitely going to continue being glued to House episodes as well ;)

I start an internship at the bank - most probably on 22nd January. I know, not my field - I was very upset recently, but maybe I need to get out of the house and do other things for awhile, gain some perspective? Who knows? :)


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