Sunday, April 08, 2007


Well I turned 23 today, officially. I usually consider myself 1 year older the moment a new year starts. Not that I am eager to get old but I just think of 2006 as the year I was 22 and 2007 as the year I am 23.

I bought myself 5 novels for a birthday gift. I know, I wanted to buy clothes but for some reason I didn't really see anything drop dead gorgeous and the books were cheap - very worth it.

Oooh, I am the wizard when it comes to Indian Fish Curry. Hahahaha, somehow I have mastered it (Yeah, I'm and it tastes so good. Today is the second time I made it. Ate fish curry with naan bread. Yum. The fish I used was salmon ;) Hey you can't live in Norway and not buy salmon! I can't help it - does taste good ;)

I haven't been up to much otherwise...

Should do some programming for work though :) Ciao!


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