Sunday, March 25, 2007

Living in Oslo

Well, trust me to get a job in supposedly the world's most expensive city :) Did you know that they don't sell a single carrot in the supermarket? You have to buy a whole bunch unless you got to a fresh market or something. I should go, but I'm lazy. Hehehe.

Besides, who eats a whole bunch of carrots? :) Sorry, just being random.

So, what is Norway like, you ask?

It's cold. When I landed it was +3 degrees and the taxi driver, pretty nice guy, was telling me how that is not really considered cold. I was a bit irritated and wanted to ask him, "Then what IS cold?!?!" Well, so I landed in Vienna, spent over 4 hours sitting at the airport reading a bit and daydreaming, took the flight to Oslo, landed and took a taxi to my office.

Then I met up with some colleagues (people in the office are soo nice!) and one of them took me to me my apartment to look at it and put my luggage there. Then she took me to Ikea to get all the necessary stuff - bed, chair, bedsheet, bedspread. Then we went back to the apartment to put all these things in. Then we went to the office to get me a map of the place and then we went to the mall next door where she left and I bought some groceries and then went home :)

Today I got the other half of my bed (took the mattress because it fitted into my colleague's car, the bigger part was delivered today) and then set it up with the help of a screwdriver. Then I set up the chair too..and a lamp. I went to Ikea again to get the lamp - the box was so small, some cooking stuff etc. They have this huge blue bags at Ikea so I got one and put everything into it. Then I carried all back on the bus.

I actually wanted to get some shelving or like a chest of drawers but the box is huge and I also need to stop spending so much money :) so I think that is for later.

So yeah, the bed is sooo comfortable. I'll take pics soon. Let me unpack properly first. Hehehe :)


At 3/27/2007 12:20:00 AM , Blogger io said...

Hahaha such a cool uplifting post after reading all these other down-in-the-dumps stories from others around here recently. :)

At 3/28/2007 12:22:00 AM , Blogger Fieran said...

Aww thanks IO :)


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